ITAB - Interim report January-March 2011

Interim report January-March 2011

5/5/2011 3:43:00 PM

First quarter income amounted to SEK 706.5 million (603.0), an increase with SEK 103.5 million compared to corresponding period last year. Income has, compared to last year, been negatively affected by approximately SEK 50 million due to fluctuations in exchange rates. Operating profit was SEK 27.0 million (18.7). Operating profit has been affected by a re-calculation of assets and liabilities in foreign currency and terminated foreign exchange forward contracts with SEK 2.5 million (14.6). Profit after financial items was SEK 17.3 million (10.3) and profit after tax was SEK 13.5 million (8.0).

Important events

ITAB launches EasyFlow – the world’s first fully automatic checkout based on barcode free identification.

Events after the end of the period:

ITAB has signed a pilot agreement for self-checkouts with Coop Stores and Supermarkets.

ITAB has signed a 5-year supply contract for shop fitting worth at least SEK 500 million with one of the UK’s largest chain stores.