ITAB - ITAB’s Chairman of the Board Tord Johansson has passed away

ITAB’s Chairman of the Board Tord Johansson has passed away

10/12/2015 8:30:00 AM

The founder of the listed companies ITAB Shop Concept AB, XANO Industri AB and AGES Industri AB died suddenly on Saturday, 10 October, at 60 years of age. At the time of his death, Tord was the Chairman of the Board for ITAB and XANO as well as a member of the board for AGES.

Over the years, Tord has always been highly engaged in the business of the companies. With his strategic and industrial expertise, he has been of great importance for the development of the companies. He had a unique ability to engage excellent managers and employees around him.

The chair in ITAB and XANO is being taken over by the Vice Chairman, Fredrik Rapp.

The Johansson family, together with the Rapp family, are the main shareowners in the three listed companies.

"Tord will be deeply missed, both privately and within the companies. One of his great abilities was to create strong and skilled corporate managers, which he allowed to grow into their roles. Tord was a true entrepreneur, together we will continue to run the companies in his spirit," Fredrik Rapp says.

Jönköping, 12 October 2015
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