ITAB - ITAB launches world's first fully automated checkout - EasyFlow

ITAB launches world's first fully automated checkout - EasyFlow

2/7/2011 3:39:00 PM

ITAB Shop Concept AB, Europe's leading manufacturer of checkout counters is launching the world's first fully automated checkout - EasyFlow. Utilising leading edge technology amazingly EasyFlow is able to identify products without a barcode.

The cash counter, which is fully automatic identifies the product with an accuracy of 99%. The technology and the identification method, developed together with one of the leading Universities in Europe are patented by ITAB. EasyFlow technology is expected to provide significant savings for retailers and will be launched at Euroshop in Germany late February. EuroShop is the world's largest retail and shop fitting fair.

The technology is based on a unique combination of six different technologies - Image Processing, Weight, Object Sensors and Spectroscopy. Needless to say it can also read existing barcodes. The various methods for recording information is processed and converted into nine different classifiers where each classifier has a unique optimised algorithm for the identification of each product. The entire identification process takes less than a second. The product has successfully undergone extensive factory tests.

EasyFlow’s unique technology is able to identify products such as fruit and vegetables and able to calculate price and weight during the process. This means, among other things, that stores do not have to use weighing-machines. The system can even identify different varieties of the same fruit.

At the checkout counter the customer places the shopping on the belt,

EasyFlow identifies the product and displays to the customer price information on a screen. EasyFlow is compatible with existing POS systems. The first shop installation is scheduled for summer 2011.

ITAB is the market leader in Europe for checkouts, delivering in excess of 20,000 units per year to its customers. ITAB Shop Concept AB is listed on the OMX Nordic Exchange and supplies complete shop fitting and interior solutions to the food and non-food retail markets. ITAB manufactures wood and metal equipment and provide design, development, project management and installation expertise and services. ITAB’s product range includes all forms of display equipment, shelving, checkouts, entrance systems/ gates, trolley parks, damage protection and peripheral equipment. The group has around 1,500 employees and had a turnover of 2.8 billion SEK in 2009. For further information, please contact:

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