ITAB - ITAB Shop Concept AB has made the first installation in Sweden of the self-checkout system TwinFlow

ITAB Shop Concept AB has made the first installation in Sweden of the self-checkout system TwinFlow

2/1/2012 3:51:00 PM

ITAB Shop Concept AB, listed on the OMX Nordic Exchange, has installed the self-checkout system TwinFlow at Green Matmarknad at Turning Torso, Malmö.  This store is using self-checkouts to 100% and only card payments, no cash payments and no manned checkouts. TwinFlow is the first unmanned checkout with a two belted flow for conveniently servicing customers and especially those with a large number of articles.

TwinFlow is a part of ITABs self-checkout concept. For the standard self-checkouts the customer scan the barcodes and pays, either at TwinFlow®; a self-service twin belted checkout; or MoveFlow®, a smaller “basket to bag” self-service checkout. The new EasyFlow® is also included in the concept. The EasyFlow is based on a fully automated identification of the product with minimum customer interaction. In the SCO Flow Concept all payment methods are available if needed. With the ExitFlow® system an additional security level is obtained with the use of a controlled Exit of all self-service customers. The self-checkout concept is designed to create a fast, efficient and flexible option to conventional checkouts. It will allow the Retailer to use staff in other areas and allow for an increased service level at the store.

The concept delivery to Green Matmarknad includes TwinFlow, MoveFlow, ExitFlow and entrance systems. The installation is done together with Visma Retail, the supplier of the Green Matmarknad Point-Of-Sales system.
ITAB is the market leader in Europe at checkout and delivers over 20,000 checkouts a year to retailers. ITAB Shop Concept AB is listed on the OMX Nordic Exchange and supplies complete shop fitting and interior solutions to the food and non-food retail markets. Operations include project management, design, development, manufacturing and sales. The concept range includes shop interiors, primarily in wood and metal, as well as checkouts, entrance systems and lighting. The group has, including the acquisition of Nordic Light, approximately 2200 employees. The group has an annual turnover rate of 3 500 million SEK.

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ITAB Shop Concept's certified adviser is Remium AB.

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