ITAB - Acquire the operations of Scangineers BV.

Acquire the operations of Scangineers BV.

5/20/2008 3:01:00 PM

ITAB Shop Concept has signed an agreement
to acquire the operations of Scangineers BV
in the Netherlands. Scangineers develops 
and produces self-checkout systems for 
retail shops.

ITAB Shop Concept, registered in Jönköping and listed on the
Stockholm Stock Exchange’s First North market, has through 
its subsidiary agreed to acquire the operations of 
Scangineers BV in Netherlands. ITAB is one of Europe’s 
largest suppliers of traditional checkouts, and is a market 
leader in product functionality and ergonomics. 
Trends show that more and more shops are equipping 
themselves with some form of self-checkout system. 
For a number of years, ITAB has participated in the 
development of this type of system, e.g. in cooperation 
with Scangineers. Scangineers product program is firmly 
established in Europe with about 300 installed systems. 
They develop and produce advanced, self-checkout
systems that use scanning and visual technology. 
Scangineers is located in Amersfoort in the Netherlands.
In the field of checkouts, methods have developed making
it possible for customers to carry out the entire checkout 
process themselves – from scanning to payment. 
The software that has been developed for systems by
Scangineers is both distinctive and unique. 
It is an independent system, and can be used together 
with all current checkout systems.
The self-checkout system makes it possible for one 
shop assistant to serve up to eight self-checkouts. 
It is also equipped with a weight control to ensure
correct payment and minimises the risk of waste. 
Valuable shop space is made available and the system 
facilitates a quicker customer flow when paying 
something that is favourable to both customers and shops.

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ITAB supplies complete shop interiors to convenience and 
specialized trade market segments. 
Operations include project management, design, 
development, manufacturing and sales. 
The concept range includes shop interiors, 
primarily in wood and metal, as well as checkouts 
and entry systems and also our in-house products. 
The company group has about 1,700 employees.

ITAB Shop Concept’s certified advisor is Remium AB.
For further information contact:

ITAB Shop Concept AB
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vVD/dCEO Mikael Gustavsson
Telephone: +46 36 31 73 00
Cellphone: +46 705 162866
Box 9054, SE-550 09 JÖNKÖPING
Telephone: +46 (0)36 31 73 00