ITAB - A.S. Watson Group, a new customer for ITAB acting on a European basis

A.S. Watson Group, a new customer for ITAB acting on a European basis

2/8/2010 3:32:00 PM

A.S. Watson Group, one of the world’s leading health and beauty retailers, has chosen ITAB regarding supply, service and installation of shop fitting equipment on a European basis. 

ITAB Shop Concept AB, traded on the market place Nasdaq OMX Mid Cap, has been chosen to be the supplier of shop fitting equipment to the majority of A.S. Watson Group chains in Europe.

A.S. Watson Group owns chains as Superdrug, Kruidvat, ICI Paris XL, Drogas, Spektr and others and the deliveries from ITAB will mainly go to United Kingdom, Benelux, the Baltics, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey. The agreement, which involves several of the ITAB companies in Europe, is a 2 year agreement with possibilities to prolong and the value of the deliveries is estimated to 5 to 10 million euros per year.

ITAB supplies complete shop interiors for general and trade retailers. The company’s operations comprise project management, design, development, manufacture and sales. Besides shop fittings, predominantly in wood and metal, the range of concepts on offer also includes shop equipment (cash desks, entry systems, etc.) and in-house developed products. ITAB Shop Concept had a turnover during 2008 of SEK 3,4 billion. The group has 1, 500 employees.

For further information, please contact:
ITAB Shop Concept AB  
CEO  Ulf Rostedt
Phone:  +46 36 31 73 00
Mobile:  0706-948682

d.CEO    Mikael Gustavsson  
Phone:  +46 36 31 73 00
Mobile:  0705-162866
Box 9054, SE-550 09 JÖNKÖPING    
Phone: +46 [0]36 31 73 00