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Professional lighting

Lighting is becoming more important in the design of a store. Good and quality lighting brings a shop to a higher level. The correct lighting also means significant energy savings and reduced maintenance costs for the retailer. ITAB is truly distinctive on these two aspects with the Nordic Lights products and systems.

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Nordic Light

The Scandinavian Nordic Light is a leading lighting supplier for retailers. It was acquired by ITAB in 2011. The company sells, develops and produces high quality lighting for food and non-food retail.

Nordic Light has a strong customer base and is a leader in the development of lighting solutions. Design, quality and durability are higly valued at Nordic Light.

The Nordic Light research center  is located in Skelleftea (Sweden). Nordic Light also has offices in BorĂ¥s (Sweden), Ohio (US) and factories in Suzhou and Shenzhen (China).